Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The fight for faith is the fight for Joy. Oh how I wish Americans realized this. We live in a world filled with distractions, money, wealth, sex, and just flat out material satisfaction. We live under this impression that we are to get our satisfaction from the material things God's given us, and simply give him honor becuase he's given them to us. NO! that is NOT how it works. We not only give glory to God for the tools he's given us to effect eternal salvation on others, but we get our satisfaction from Jesus, the BREAD of life.

The Bible says that all things were made for the cross, and all things are held together by the cross. Thus, everything on earth was made for the cross. In the same way as the bible uses many of the things on earth that were "made for the cross" as analogous to the things of the message of (wisdom and maturity to those being saved, yet of folly and foolishness to those perishing) Jesus uses the most wonderful analogy of spiritual and physical of all time.

Have you ever been hungry and just totally empty and unsatisfied? You ate food (bread) and you were satisfied and happy again.

In the same way, Jesus IS the bread of life. If life is more than food or clothing, life must be our souls, and if our souls need spiritual bread just as much as our bodies need physical bread, then JESUS is the spiritual bread.

Otherwise, our souls try to run off of the temporary pleasure of worldly satisfaction and it will make us miserable.

A paraphrase from John Piper: "Once you realize this, everything changes. You will never read the bible, pray, or fight sin the same way again. When you realize that the fight for faith is the fight for your own joy, things start to become radical. ' I am the bread of your soul, John Piper, I am the bread of your life. You can try to eat satisfaction into your soul from anywhere else, but it will fail. I am the bread of life' Now, this doesn't mean that once our hearts are satisfied in Jesus we will never desire again. We experience cravings for the world constantly as we are fallen beings, but now, we know where to go for satisfaction. Now, we know that we were MADE to be satisfied by the glory of Jesus Christ. This changes EVERYTHING."

And so, we know that the only way to truly satisfy our souls is Jesus Christ.
How do we do that though? How do we satisfy ourselves with Christ? Or, how do we know him?

I'll just use some biblical explanations- To know God is to know love- and to love God is to love people. We are satisfied by the Glory and the very words of God, and all of the glory of God and the words of God lead to love. The freedom of Loving God to the full extent and loving people to the full extent is unfathomably joyful. To be satisfied in knowing Jesus (or, knowing his love expressed through righteousness) in knowing self sacrificing love, is to be satisfied with knowing Christ. To know Jesus is to know the reality of what has been done for us on the cross and to express thankfulness through the power of the Spirit, through love. It all boils down to love. Now, I say in no way that we are to put down the bible and just go out and love people. What do we know of love? Even our purest expression of love is filled with layers of selfish motives- but it is the spirit of God that sets us free from this slavery- through the "renewing of your mind" as Paul said it. Love comes through knowledge and through the spirit of Christ living and loving in us. The spirit teaches our hearts what it hears. We must pray, and read, with a desire to know God. And from this will come faith, hope, and love. And from God will come salvation.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


An analogy my friend came up with. I love it and think it's so important.

A well- known, well-to-do, wealthy man passed away after a long and good life.(Say his name is evan) His relatives mourned and his family desired his presence again. They rejoiced because he was "going to a better place", but they wept because they no longer saw him. The man was well known in church, well known and well spoken of all over his hometown. His days were over.

He now stands before the throne of God in all His glory, cowering in His presence. It is the judgment of God's people. "Evan, you're charged with transgressing against the Holy God of the Universe. What is your defense, my son?" Evan- "Well, I had a well paying job, and I had a stable family, God." __ "Evan, you're accused with sinning against the king of kings over all, the name above all names. What is your defense?" "Well, God, I went to church and I did a lot of repair work, I read my bible every day, even made friends with the preacher!" "Evan, don't you understand? You're charged with sinning against Yahweh, your God, your Father, the one you professed to love all of your life. What is your defense?" "Well God I prayed a little and read every night, I kissed my children goodnight. I was never looked down on, I made a lot of money, I was well respected, I never cussed, drank, smoked, I was always a good man" God- "Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!"

Then another man comes before the throne of God to be judged for all of his actions and thoughts. He is weeping and covered in blood. He says, "God, have mercy on me! I am a sinful man" God begins to say, "My son, you have been accused of sinning against the Holy God of all. What is your defense?" The man cries out "God, my God! You, Jesus Christ, are my defense! I am covered in your blood and can bring you nothing else but your own blood." God- "This is the truth. My son, you now live with me, because you have been redeemed and paid for by my blood- I AM has bled for you."

Not unless we are wrapped in Christ can we enter the kingdom of Heaven. Beware- heaven isn't as widely spread of a destination for people after death as people think it is. Even Jesus said that there was a very narrow, hard, long, twisting, winding, uphill trail to heaven, that not many follow.

What does it mean to be wrapped in Christ?

It means our appetites have changed. While once we desired the satisfaction of the earth, we now desire the satisfaction of knowing Christ.

Christ has not come to give us bread, but to BE the bread.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The endless depths of my sin are starting to be pierced by the endless heights of God's greatness and Glory. Holy holy HOLY is our God! I can not comprehend, or even comprehend comprehending his greatness. what a promise to live on.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm starting to realize that the only way to grow is to jump straight into doing the very things you don't want to do.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I am thankful that MY God loves and cherishes, weeps over me, rejoices with me, no matter what. I'm thankful that my God loves me even if I didn't appear respectable and honorable to people, even if I look bad, even more, His love never fades even when I sin against him. I'm thankful that my God loves me even when I may lead people in the wrong direction because I myself am mislead. I'm thankful that he corrects me with His spirit of truth, I'm thankful that he has unblinded me. I'm thankful that God looks at me through his eyes instead of the eyes of the "world". I'm thankful that there is a hope for this totally broken sinner beyond this totally broken world.
This world isn't enough for me. I've got my heart set on a holy name.

You bring Hope to he hopeless God, and I was surely hopeless.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wow, it looks like this is it. It has never become more clear to me. There is nothing on this earth that will fill me like christ will.

I have filled myself with lust, all i ended up in was slavery. I have a lot of money right now because of the job i've been blessed with, but it's all pointless, it trys to give me a false sense of success, but i can see right through it. I've practiced my trumpet and gotten really good, had people look up to me- complete slavery to having people thinking nice thoughts about me. I've gotten really good at guitar, recorded many songs, composed all kinds of music that was pretty awesome (thank you GOD for your gifts, as they are all of YOU). (i won't put on a false humility anymore. i've been given some pretty awesome gifts, but all of them our out of the way more awesome grace of Christ in order to further his kingdom among his people- given to a horrible sinner like me. i rejoice in his love.) All this music success filled me and left me, with nothing except wishing i could live in the limelight again. I've been respected, honored, exalted, i was left miserable.

Even if i took my musical skills to hollywood and got rich and famous- i would still be miserable.

The things that seem to promise us so, so much, are the very things that will take our life away from us.

If we were created by God, and our purpose is to glorify him- our happiness also lies in glorifying Him- And if our happiness lies in glorifying God- i'm going ALL out. Cause you know what??? I WANT TO BE HAPPY! And i can attest to this truth- I'm so happy. Sorrowful for my unending sin, and the effects of sin on this earth, yet always rejoicing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Wow, this one is a gem. With all the stuff today people are doing trying to turn Christianity into this easy, wimpy, emotional high faith, supporting the advancement of one's brokenness by supporting marriage that further deepens the hole in a person's heart (who's romanticized the need for a strong mother/ father figure-) within Christianity, abortion, people trying to justify an ADDICTION to wealth and prosperity, all the other blah blah stuff that's so controversial these days, this verse is really encouraging to stay strong no matter how much people ridicule you and spit on you for it. God knows exactly what we need, and we are absolutely blind- I'd rather trust God than my own broken body's longings- for all my broken body's longings are simply desires for God that have been perverted by satan to cause me to look elsewhere.

"For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, 4and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. 5As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry."

Friday, November 6, 2009


the quest for selfless love is like climbing mt. everest. it's inexplicably further off than you thought- every time you think you're getting close to the peak you realize just how much more you have to go. the trail of the ascent is perhaps one of the hardest things you've ever done all your life, demanding everything you have, and more. The journey teaches you who you are, your weaknesses, and your strengths, shows you the reality of.. reality.. yet, behold- when you finally reach the peak and open your eyes to see, its glorious. Amazing and endless depths of grace and beauty, The sun colors the clouds and all below with the shining smiles of victory. And you never want to leave. Freedom is so beautiful.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh, how sweet and wonderful prayer is! I urge anyone, Pray! For hours and hours! You have to discipline yourself, but oh how sweet the rewards! I pray that we'd all get into serious radical prayer, in order to be raw, radical people, just like our God is! Don't wait till you're older, don't wish you had done it when you were younger, all we have is NOW, and now is always the tine to get on your knees and unload the heart! Our amount of prayer is the same or relationship with God. Abba, I praise you for your faithfulness!