Friday, February 26, 2010


to be studying to know, or, to be approaching a confidence of a fact or set of facts which determines the eternal, or finite, destiny of all man kind, to be forming your own beliefs in a belief spectrum which is as wide was the ocean is deep, to be confident, or claim to be in something that thousands and millions of learned, educated, experienced people in the past, present, in future, have and will disagree with, is a pressure that has the capacity to drive you to the depths of despair...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Examine your heart- Always

This is perhaps the most horrifying thing ever.

It has been found by many people- (and, recently, by myself) that if you are holding onto a sin that you do not wish to give up, you can cause yourself to doubt God, Jesus, his Existence, his deity, etc..

I recently realized that one of the reasons I had experienced some doubt in my belief in God was because of pride. It's not that I had any reasons to not believe in Him, I just created doubt to excuse my sin- all the while thinking that I was perfectly justified in all I did.

That's not cool at all. Again I warn myself mostly... watch your heart. It is so, so deceitful.

I'm not saying that all doubt is caused by sin at all, but some is.

Near Death Experiences?

I remain skeptical about this, but I thought I'd put up a post about it because I think it's rather fascinating. :)

I have heard of (NDE) or, near death experiences, where a person was biologically dead for a around 10-15-20 minutes, where they come back to life recounting experiences of encountering wonderful feelings, seeing spirits, etc. I never believed those, because obviously they could easily be tossed aside by materialistic explanations. ie: starved brain cells, endorphin overload, remaining brain waves.

However, there are actually evidential cases that have been found- testable cases, that can actually prove something. They have been documented in major scientific journals, and have the potential to completely falsify naturalism. The medical doctors studying these cases (and they're not kooks, these are real, regular, doctors) have become theists from positions of atheism and agnosticism.

I wont even try to explain how they are different, but, they are actually credible- here's the link-

Wintery Knight Blog

Direct link to a lecture about it

Dr. Melvin Morse's NDE Research Website

Borrowed from -- Cases of Veridical Near Death Experiences

A peer reviewed medical research journal

So far, the only responses from skeptics I've read about in these cases are "Well they could have been dreaming and just happened to dream about the same thing that happened outside" and, "Well, it's just not hard enough evidence", "Near death means not dead yet so they could have... seen the things they observed by.. being alive (even though their EEG waves were totally unregistered, and all science states that the brain goes dead after 5-8 minutes),and other claims which scramble to find something which could undermine their credibility.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Convert or Rebirth?

Oh WOW! I just heard the greatest quote!

There was once a man walking through the streets of London, who spotted a drunk laying around on the roadside- he said to the preacher, "Brother Hill, there's one of your converts over there on the roadside!" The preacher replied, "I daresay he is one of my converts, but he is none of the Lord's"

Watch your heart. It is deceitful.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Everywhere I look, I see people looking for something bigger than themselves to live for.