Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After three weeks of College

It's been quite a while since I posted in here, due to the business of college and mainly "Syllabus Shock".  But now that I have a few spare minutes, I want to just document some of the things I have been learning. I'll just list them in propositions, but if there's time to expand on them later, I will.

1. "The Fallacy of being paralyzed by objections":  Concluding that an proposition about the world cannot believed simply because there are objections against it is fallacious, because there are objections against every proposition. Thus, to resort to belief in one proposition because it's denial has many objections is fallacious because certainly, there are objections to the very proposition you believed in! It's silly! Yet we do it so often.

2. Everything we do, we ought to desire. It is not wrong to desire. Desires are good. The only reason we do anything is because we desire it. You may object and say, "I did my homework even though I didn't desire to do it". To this I say there are low order desires and higher order desires. Lower order desires are things like comfort, lust, sexual attraction, hunger, physical touch, etc. Higher order desires are things like Justice, Love, Mercy, discipline, striving to do what is right, etc. Just because you do not desire to do your homework in your lower order desires, your higher order desires such as doing what is right caused you to do your homework. So work hard to desire good, noble, and true higher order desires. We were not made to be dissatisfied; we ought to desire the right things.

3. Think critically about everything. Don't hesitate to question your most cherished beliefs. Remember, however, not to continually question something with skepticism when the denial of that belief is incredibly implausible. That's unreasonable (even though I do it all the time).

4. We are inescapably human. We can't look at any topic without bringing our humanity to it. So realize your faults, realize your shortcomings, admit your brokenness, and give up your pride. You and I are not God. Humanity is tragically beautiful. Suffering is our story, but hope and life comes through Christ. Don't ignore the sorrowful history of humanity. Learn about the beauties and the wretchedness of our race, and thus learn more about the God who made them.