Monday, November 5, 2012

Truth and Understanding

Truth is only upheld in the human mind by Understanding. Truth is understanding (understanding being meaning, or, logical content in the mind). But not all Understanding is a direct relation to reality itself. Sometimes it is hypothetical and idea oriented.

But at the same time, the reason we must honor understanding at all times is that if we fail to honor understanding in our minds, we therefore fail to honor truth, which makes us false and sinners.

That is why we can gain wisdom and knowledge of God from a technically false story.  It contains meaning, which honors God, and by meaning we honor God and truth. Truth is meaning, but not all meaning is truth-- (truth being literal correspondence to reality).  C.S. Lewis' Narnia series contains many states of affairs and events which, fully understood, help us to understand reality. But the events in the story themselves are not reality. They are only ideas.

By meaning, or, Understanding, we honor God. When we engage in mental events that have no meaning, such as pride, self love, lust, sloth, shame, passions etc., we dishonor meaning in our minds, and consequently dishonor God. For our only connection with God is through our Understanding of Him, and Understanding is drowned out by meaningless mindsets.

The battle of soul is not a fight between truth and falsehood, it is a battle between sense and non-sense-- and this eventually implies a fight between truth and falsehood.