Monday, December 3, 2012

New Hope

All of the things I have learned to be true about this world recently have cast an impression of doubt upon my  belief in God. I have found neuroscience revealing natural personality traits to be completely genetic, evolutionary theory explaining life in a very consistent and plausible manner, a loss of belief in immaterial souls (though not a belief in the contrary), my beliefs about the origin of the natural world contradicting scripture's account of origins, and the subsequent questioning whether scripture is a reliable and authoritative source on Christianity,  and various other inconvenient truths such as the amount of evil in the world.

But the major realization that has forced itself upon me in the past five months is that if God is, he is responsible for all of this. I have grown up in such a simplistic evangelical faith, where some of the deepest and most tearing questions are neglected by trite phrases, which are passed down as "the rule of faith" for Christians who are struggling to deal with the pressure of every-day life, raising kids, and staying alive and faithful, and do not have time to question whether the foundations of their worldview are true or not.

But God is so much bigger than this culture, this stage of history, this framework of thought we call evangelicalism, than our own human minds, and than any proposition that can be thought about him. (even this) I'm finished imposing unjustified conceptual frameworks on his character and existence.