Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Insight Three

"What is this beast that controls me when I do not think? It seems to know perfectly well what it is doing with my body and mind until it is questioned. How is it that I can sit and question what I am doing and why I am doing it, have no clear answer, and yet still keep going as if such questions are foolish? How is it that I can walk about looking perfectly busy while having no conscious idea what I do or why? This is the flesh, this is the idolatrous will, and it must be crushed by understanding." 7/26/12

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Insight Two

"There are different ways for us to understand a word-- if understand is the right way to describe it. When we do not think about them, words are simply emotional impressions. But when we think about the true meaning behind words, the actual name becomes less important as the meaning, and a whole new level of understanding emerges. We ought rightly think about words with understanding, rather than emotion. 

It's as if the emotional impression is contained within the word, but the meaning is buried underneath it, only availing itself to those who think about it."  7/25/12

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Insight One

I'm beginning a series of posts which illustrate the thoughts I've written about briefly in the past few years. It shall be called, "Insights". Here is the first one:

"Wise people come to find that it is not the defense of one's ideas before others that matters in life, but the correspondence of one's mental experience of reality with reality itself, and the correspondence of one's consciousness with his or her deeply believed experience of reality rather than indulgence in the passions or impressions of the soul. What others say, think, or do matters not.

Wise people also come to find that debate, conversation, and any dialogue which is not intensely and mutually empathetic necessarily goes nowhere towards mutual understanding. For when the person A says one thing, person B may in reality completely agree with person A's mental state, yet not perceive it because he or she is so taken with her perception of the words that A used and what they mean to her.  

What people say is not about what it means to us. It is about what they meant when they said it."  8/24/12