Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Overcoming Major Struggles in Life

I've been going through some significant struggles over the past 8 months, and I've learned a lot. I have by no means overcome these struggles. But in order to remind myself I've decided to make this list.

It doesn't significantly matter what your struggle is. My struggle is dealing with constantly muddled, unclear, and unavailable thinking and concentration which has implications for my whole life. If you struggle with Bipolar disorder, an abusive spouse, the death of a family member, doubts about God's existence.. anything which really pushes you to your limits, these things are helpful and necessary.

Do This:
Realistic, Positive Thinking
Persistence through the unpleasant
Acceptance of your situation
Seeing through your Darkness
Believe you CAN get through this
Solve problems as soon as you can
Remember that everything in life is a gift.

Don't do This:
Giving up
Negative thoughts
Get lazy when you make progress
Get angry at God
Stop believing in God (if you're going to do that.. base it on evidence, not anger and dissatisfaction)
Avoid problems and wait until you can think more clearly and have more motivation
Compare yourself to other people
Use your struggle as an excuse to give in to hopelessness.

Come struggles in life, it is not time to focus on yourself in a selfish way. Success stories come from people who look away from themselves instead of focusing on their suffering. Sometimes it can be tempting to focus on your suffering because, if you do not, people will assume that you're doing fine and place expectations on you which are only appropriate for those who are not struggling with major issues in their lives. But, that one ought to put a smile on his or her face while fasting does not imply we ought to allow others to treat us as if we are not struggling.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Deduction and Counterexample

In our darkest hours, when piety is not worth it, is it worth it?
Will mercy finally open the eyes of those who will keep their hearts to the flame a little longer?
Or perhaps piety may go unrewarded, and this fact be attributed to the unknowability of His plans,
what seems have been a blatant contradiction smoothed over by abstract deduction from his nature...
But is such a thing all that wrong?
For if He is, he is just.
And I know little, but that He is.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Saying Goodbye to My Granddad

Rest and live again in peace, Pops. My memories of you are full of happiness and the learning of wisdom.

My Grandfather's (my father's father's) name is George Garrett. He passed away March 9th at 3:40 PM. My most fond memories of him are the loving way he treated his wife, always showing he treasured her, the endearing way he treated his grandchildren, the way he always asked me how I was doing studying my "'isms" while getting a philosophy degree at my college, and the life lessons he would try and teach me every time we got some time alone. He was rarely in a bad mood. I still remember the time we spent with him on his fishing boat, and how proud I was to help him steer the boat when I did. I still remember how every time I saw him he would make sure I knew he loved me. 

I'll be seeing you soon enough, Pops...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Truth, the Bridge to Reality and God's Glory

I cannot decide whether it is frustrating that many men and women, for thousands of years, have dedicated their lives to acquiring true beliefs about realities which are right before me in the room in which I sit, or exhilarating. For many years we have theorized as to the nature and origins of the human body, and yet I sit here as a human body concerning which, were there to be true propositions about human bodies' origins and nature,  such things would have to conform to my body and its properties as I sit frozen in this moment of time. Everything which is true about humans in general is true about me as I sit contemplating this reality.

Made as animals, reality is ever elusive to and hidden by our senses and lack of understanding.

I sit here with the knowledge that realities which thousands of the brightest and most gifted have searched after and either found or not found lie beneath my skin. And yet the best way for me to cross that great divide between my consciousness and the real world is the way of virtue and knowledge.

Made as gods, the divine image within us gives us light more than enough to cross the bridge, and to in doing so gain knowledge of the true world and consequently the Glory of God.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Insight Five

We ought to rightly take into account the huge difference between our experience of other people's
words and actions and what that other person actually meant by these things. When we attempt to
understand what actually enters the head of others and what explains their actions and words, we find a
world of difference between this and our first impression of what they say and do.

Insight Four

We do not act rationally when we denigrate everything human. For in doing so, we condemn the very
human intellect by which we condemn all things human.