Monday, June 9, 2014

Staring into Myself

All of human life is an experience of oneself, in one sense. For I only experience what my senses, specific mental faculties (such as memory, language functions, and etc.) my beliefs, and reason tell me about reality. Thus, when I view the world at any point in life, I am in a very real sense staring into myself. My visual experience proceeds from my eyes (and associated brain functions), my sense experience comes from the nerve endings throughout my body, my aural experience proceeds from my ears, my olfactory experience proceeds from my nose, and my taste experience proceeds from my mouth. 

But even further, my memory constructs impressions of what happened in the past, and the world which seems so real and much more than just an experience is constructed in my mind by what I think to be the case about it. When I stare at a leaf, I’m experiencing what my senses tell me about a leaf and also what I suspect to be the case about the leaf. But as you can see, all of this is coming from my own mind. 

When I look at a certain person and feel disgust, anger, or lust, I’m experiencing myself and the psychological phenomena I associate with them. 

Thus, any attempt we make to truly see the world is only a deeper gaze into our own psychology. 


The sense information we create is caused by real things outside of our minds, and generally all of our sense information’s deliverances are consistent with the idea that they deliver to us impressions of an objective world.

The beliefs we have formed about reality, if correspondent to reality the way it really is, produce for us accurate experiences of the true world. 

So though it may be the case that an attempt to look closer at the real world is only a deeper gaze into our own psychology, it is also the case that our psychology has a remarkable capability to delivering unto us an accurate version of the real world. We therefore have an obligation to trust our own psychology and also to give it the greatest care of any other organ in our body, for it delivers unto us the true world. 


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