Monday, October 5, 2015


In all of our lives there comes a point or points at which we are required to grow up into the propositions which we believe and have consistently affirmed for quite a while. When I say required, I don't mean morally required, because at all points being human means to embody and live fully the propositions about the world we believe. But my original use of the word required is usually an immediate practical necessity. In other words, I can no longer hold on to my immature perceptions of life in ignorance of what I know and truly believe, because it affects other people negatively that I do so. And since it is a mandate that I love others, I must change. Or because I have committed myself to consistently be a certain person or do a certain thing, I must call upon my intellect to direct my actions and thoughts, and not my passions. This is a process of realization.

This is usually a time a crisis. That nonsensical comfort of constant focus upon one's passions must be beheaded, ripped out, and it is never a pleasant process.

Lord, you have all knowledge of the intricacies and setbacks of each of our individual psychologies, and you give us grace accordingly. Give us grace and wisdom through these periods of struggle.