About Me

My name's Evan, and the most central parts of my life are truth, God, philosophy, technology, and outdoors.

I'm very interested in having true beliefs and acting according to them. I love nature, reading, playing/ recording music, hiking, being self-sufficient, and making things with my own hand, etc. I have a tendency to question things and desire justified beliefs, and that has made my mind very philosophical over the years. I love working with and mastering technology. For that reason I worked as a business support technician in Athens for a few years and am now moving into programming and web development. Eventually, I hope to teach at a university and represent a reasonable Christianity in Europe. God's got a big (universe-sized) plan for the world that I know very little of, so none of this is known with a huge degree of confidence. As it is said, "By the grace of God, go I."

"He who understands truth without loving it, or loves without understanding, possesses neither one nor the other."-- Bernard of Clairvaux